Airport Limousine vs Airport Taxis – Which is Better Choice?

“Appearance” is probably the first word that comes in everyone’s mind when they hear about the difference between a yellow taxi and a stretched Limo. Trust me there are more to it than that. Needless to say when it comes to airport transportation, hiring a Limo will give you a more luxurious and comfortable experience than hiring a taxi.

Why should you choose Limousine over taxis for your airport transportation?

There are different types of airport Limousines offered in Toronto, that is why it is important for you to know the advantages of hiring a Limo for airport transportation before you book a taxi for your next trip. Apart from comfort Limousines come with trained chauffeurs who make sure that you get a pleasurable experience during your airport pickup or drop service.

Whether you are a business traveler or you travel for refreshment, airport Limousine services are always better than taxis in every aspect. If you have a trip coming up, go through the below mentioned points before finalizing your airport transportation service.

1. Cost (flat rate vs. meter)

Airport limousine services offer flat rates to its clients which means you will have to pay a fixed amount for the service with no variable cost. In simple words there will be no hidden cost, the billing amount and the amount you were quoted at the time of the agreement will be the same. Limo services are usually costlier than airport taxis but the biggest disadvantage of hiring taxis for airport transportation is the metered fare. You would not know the exact amount that you will have to pay for your journey until it is finished. Though, the driver can give you a rough idea of your fare but that too if they take you through your preferred route.

2. Booking time

If you wish to book a limo for your airport pick up and drop service, you need to make the booking well in advance because of their popularity and limited stocks. On the other hand, you can hire a taxi anytime anywhere without any pre-booking.

3. Luggage

Needless to say, Limos are spacious vehicles and depending on its size and the number of passengers, it can hold upto 14 standard suitcases. Due to its smaller size you can only have 2 to 4 standard suitcases in a taxi.

4. Seating capacity

Of course Limo wins the competition when it comes to the capacity of passengers. Limousines have the capacity of carrying passenger from 4 to 10 depending on its size. In contrast only 1 to 3 people can sit properly in a taxi.

5. Service

The quality of service that an airport Limousine provides is beyond comparison. There will be a highly skilled and well mannered chauffeur who will treat you and your companions royally. In a taxi you will only receive a basic type of service which includes taking you from point A to B.

6. Vehicle type

Limousines are luxurious vehicles that come with a high level of equipment and are of higher quality than standard regular cars. Unlike limos, Taxis are compact vehicles which are based models. They have features and are less costly. It is to be noted that a compact vehicle is usually fuel efficient.

7. Comfort

Limousines offer enough space for you, your family or business associates and your luggage in it. It is a huge luxurious vehicle that is driven by a qualified chauffeur who is separated from passengers by a partition for their privacy. Because of its size and fewer features Taxis tend to be less comfortable than limos.

It is quite evident that Limousines are way more beneficial than taxis. Hiring a limousine puts a full stop to all your worries of airport transportation. It provides a lot more than just pick up and drop facilities to its clients. So, search for the best airport Limo service in Toronto to experience all these benefits.

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